Olympic Update 1


‘Privet’ from Sochi, Russia. It has taken be much longer than I would have liked to post my first update from the Olympics, things have been busy and exciting over here. The first few days have already been an amazing experience. Walking into opening ceremonies was a dream come true and the culmination of a […]

Working Hard or Hardly Working


  Early resistance to ski culture led initial knuckle draggers to dress, act, and speak differently to contrast the stuffy Dale Norway wearing way of the slopes. A lot of snowboarding’s counter culture roots can be traced back to the influence of surfing and skateboarding.  A laid back lifestyle and shredding the gnar was where […]



When traveling around the world, people always ask where you are from. Colorado is where I reside, and Vermont is where I grew up, but my first response is usually ‘my suitcase.’  Last season I flew roughly 76,000 miles to 8 different countries on 3 separate continents, staying in 12 different hotels. That is a […]